About Me


I am Shantricia "Peaches" Thomas, owner and Chief U.S.L. (Unapologetic Self Love) Officer of Peaches N’ Kreme.


Peaches N Kreme was born out of my desire to have Unapologetic Self Love!!! Before Peaches N’ Kreme was ever an idea, my size made me feel insecure, which prevented me from fully expressing my sexual desires. Like many others, I believed that only a certain body size could be considered sexy, and it didn't include my size 18.


That all changed when a friend and I went into an adult novelty store. Although I was initially uncomfortable, the employees quickly put me at ease with their professionalism and patience. They assured me that feeling uneasy during my first visit was normal and asked me some questions to help me acknowledge my desires. They suggested a few toys for me to try and I ended up buying my first toy that day. It was an amazing experience, and I had no idea an orgasm could feel that good! I also realized that using toys is just as natural as sex itself, especially when my male partner participated without judgment.


My experience with lingerie was similar. A conversation with a girlfriend introduced me to several lingerie websites, and I was thrilled to discover so many options, including crotchless panties, see-through teddies, and other items I had never heard of before. I was hooked!


These experiences opened the door to a world-changing perspective on sex and body size. As a Big Beautiful Woman (BBW), I now feel sexier than ever before. I welcome you to my world, and I hope that Peaches N Kreme can provide you with a similar experience.